Cuba Collection for exhibit

"The finest images . . . the ones that stir our soul . . . combine documentation of natural things with a sense of what they mean to us"  ---  Freeman Patterson



"Roasting Oysters" received a two page spread

in the Sept Issue of

Shrimp Collards and Grits Magazine


"Sunflower Rhapsody" chosen for 2017 ArtPop-Beaufort

One of Ten art works that are being exhibited on billboards

throughout Beaufort and Jasper Counties

by Adams Outdoor Advertising and Beaufort Arts Council. 

Also On Exhibit now through May 31 at USC-Beaufort's Center for the Arts




Thrilled to announce that

"Winter Facade"  

was chosen as the cover of the new coffee table book about Charleston:

Charleston Salt & Iron

Available at all Beaufort and Charleston bookstores and specialty shops.     









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