Cuba Collection for exhibit

My Photographic Journey


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Been enjoying playing with my iPhone and iPad with the app "FRAX".  You can take any image you have stored on your photo stream and make it into a fractal.  You can adjust the colors, the light, the motion and the textures.  This was originally a photo of my backyard. Everything is changed.  Fun to see what you can create.

Here's my favorite


Giving Back to the Community



Community service is something that each photographer should consider.  I know we don't want to make a practice of giving our work away for free, but each of us should have special "Causes" that they support - not only through monetary contributions but by offering their photographic skills.  I donate my time and expertise each month at the TABBY HOUSE in Beaufort.  I photograph the new cats and kittens as they arrive, in hopes that the photos will make them more adoptable.  At least it gets the word out.  

I also donate my services to St. Peter's Church.  It is a way that I can give back to my church and the community.  Each year I photograph the homes that are on the Homes for the Holiday's tour, to benefit St. Peters School.  Most years, one of my photos is on the poster too.  It's rewarding to see that my work can make a difference.  


Faux Colors in Infrared

I've had my Infrared camera for a few years now and thought I would use it more on the trip to Greece and Turkey but the skies were so blue and the islands so white and barren, I knew that infrared would not do it justice.  Yesterday while photographing locally with a good friend, I decided to use the Infrared camera to capture the desperate shape of these old packing barns.  In post processing, I left the leaves yellow instead of making them white white as I would usually do to create a pure BW infrared image.  I think it worked this time and really showcased the texture of the wood and details.



Art Marketing

I will be teaching a class on how to market your art through Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs and websites

Thursday, Sept 26 from 2 - 4pm at Beaufort Art Association.



Limiting post processing

One of my goals this year has been to reduce the amount of post processing for each image.  When I went to Cuba, very few of the photos required much post processing. Same for the recent  Cape Cod vacation.  Here's a photo that won 3rd place in the Cape Cod Magazine's Annual photo contest.  This is a straight shot.  Try to compose, concentrate, calculate (the exposure) and CLICK.  You'll be gratified that you can come home and not have to fiddle with so many images.